Complaints Procedure

Volunteer Centre Lewisham is committed to providing a high quality service to local voluntary and community organisations in publicising and developing volunteering and acts as a broker for individuals in the borough who wish to volunteer.

We expect staff and volunteers to offer a professional service to all who contact the organisation. However if you are unhappy about the level of service you receive from VCL you should either speak to a member of staff at the office.

If you remain unhappy with the response you should write a letter of complaint, mark it confidential and address it to the Chief Executive.

You should receive and acknowledgement of your complaint within 10 working days.

The Chief Executive has 28 days to investigate your complaint. In doing this the Chief Executive will:

     • Record your complaint
     • Speak to relevant members of staff or volunteers
     • Where necessary, speak to members of the Management Committee
     • Reply to you with the findings
     • May invite you for a discussion

If you remain unhappy you will be given the opportunity to contact the Chair.

The Chair will then investigate your complaint further, and may offer you a meeting.

The Chairs decision will be final.

Please send any written complaints to:

Kay Kelleher
Volunteer Centre Lewisham
St Laurence Centre,
37 Bromley Road,