UK businesses are under ever increasing scrutiny with regards to the impact that they have on society, locally and globally. Governments, the public and your customers will make decisions based on the ethical performance of your business, your supply chain and partners. Donating money to ‘good causes’ is all well and good, but may be considered a ‘cop out’.

A good Corporate Social Responsibility Strategy is an integral part of your business and aligned to your business goals, e.g. if your company is solely based in the UK you may want to consider activities that have the most impact within the UK. However if you are a global business you should probably develop a strategy that impacts locally, nationally and internationally.

Strategic Priorities may include:
> Environmental Impact      > Community Engagement and Support     > People

Each of these priorities may then have a number of objectives


Volunteer Centre Lewisham are experts in brokering volunteering and community action, with extensive experience of developing strategies and evaluating impact. We recognise the need for business to make a profit, and the impact of reputation on your business.

With this in mind we are able to offer you a number of services. These include:
> Brokering volunteering roles for your staff
> Organising team activities within the community
> Developing your CSR Strategy
> Developing your Employee Volunteering Programme
> Evaluating the impact of your CSR Strategy


Working within Lewisham we work with approximately 5000 people every year helping them to find the right volunteering opportunity that suits their interests, skills, availability and development needs.

We can place a broker in your company at regular intervals to help your staff find the volunteer roles that are right for them. This might include:

Reading helpersgoing into schools and listening to local children read
Mentoringvolunteering with a young person or vulnerable adult to improve confidence and independence
Marketinghelping charities develop a marketing strategy, or marketing materials to promote their services
Business Planningproviding strategic development to charities, to increase sustainability
Financial Literacy Supporthelping individuals understand their finances, income and expenditure and how they can save money
Committee Members/TrusteesBeing part of the strategic running of a charity

We have several hundred volunteer roles available within Lewisham, but also have access to opportunities in other areas.


“Team activities are a great way to combine
volunteering with team building.”

You get the opportunity to help a community project, with no hierarchy for the day.

Your staff have a day where they work collaboratively, communicate away from emails, learn something about each other, feel valued by you as an employer, learn a new skill.

The community benefits by having a large piece of work carried out improving the environment around them. The types of activities can include:

Developing a sensory garden within a special needs school (Raised beds, plants with strong smells and unusual texture, wind chimes, water features, willow tunnels)
Painting a community hall (Decorating a community centre to make it a more inviting place for attendees)
Painting a mural (Working with clients/customers to plan murals and painting them to brighten up an area)
Balsam Bashing (Up to your knees in river water clearing Himalayan Balsam)

We will meet with you to talk about your needs and interests and then identify an opportunity for you.


Whether you call it Corporate Social Responsibility, Community Engagement or Employer Supported Volunteering, Volunteer Centre Lewisham has the skills and knowledge to develop your CSR strategy.
By identifying your values, objectives and business purposes we can develop a strategy that demonstrates your investment in communities.


With experience in developing Employee Volunteer Programmes, Volunteer Centre Lewisham can help you plan the delivery of your Employee Volunteering Programme.
How much time your staff can take out of work hours to volunteer, what roles you would prefer that they volunteer in, negotiating with your HR department.


So you have your CSR Strategy. Staff volunteer regularly, and your company has supported organisations in their own sustainability and development. How do you quantify that engagement?

We can assess the impact, the difference to communities that your company makes. What impact does your CSR have on communities, individuals, employability, skills development of staff.

And what is the financial impact of your CSR involvement? Volunteer Centre Lewisham has a toolkit to draw up a detailed report on your behalf.

There are a number of benefits to developing a CSR Strategy that has proven effectiveness.

Raising profile of your brandgood CSR attracts media coverage, much of it free of charge
Corporate Reputationother companies want to be aware that partners take corporate responsibility seriously and can open up opportunities to contracts
Employee Satisfactionemployees have proven to be happier working in a company that values communities and individuals
Continued Professional Developmentstaff engaged in community activities often have opportunities to learn new skills, book keeping, HR, strategy writing, company law, charity law
Public Imageit cannot be ignored that some industries have suffered reputational damage amongst potential customers over recent years. Your investment in society and communities can mitigate some of that damage.

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Volunteer Centre Lewisham are able to offer a range of packages of CSR support. We can also work with you to create a bespoke package for your business.
If you require a bespoke package please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Package 1 – Brokerage
An experienced broker can come to your company on a monthly basis and provide a brokerage service to staff, matching their interests and passions with volunteering opportunities

Package 2 – Brokerage and Introduction to Volunteering
We can come into your company on a monthly basis to deliver an Introduction to Volunteering Workshop, which provides information on rights and responsibilities of volunteers, the benefits of volunteering and explain your employee volunteering programme and who’s responsible for this

Package 3 – Team Activities
Volunteer Centre Lewisham can identify team volunteering activities for your staff. From as few as 5 members of staff up to 15 (larger activities will need to be discussed separately). You may book blocks of 4, 6, 8 or 10 activities per year

Package 4 – Brokerage and Team Activities
This package offers the monthly brokerage service and 2 or 4 team activities per year

Other Services
If you would like to purchase the following services: Developing your CSR Strategy, Developing your Employee Volunteering Programme, or Evaluating the impact of your CSR Strategy these will be discussed with you on an individual basis as one off consultancy services.

If you would like to discuss how Volunteer Centre Lewisham can help you with you CSR delivery please or call 020 8613 7113