DBS Umbrella Bodies

There is no legal requirement to DBS check all your volunteers. You should base your decision to get a DBS check on either:

  • A thorough risk assessment of the role the volunteer will perform and the extent to which this will bring them into contact with children or vulnerable adults.
  • If the voluntary work is to be carried out on someone else’s premises, for example a school or care home, whether it is a requirement of that organisation for a check to be done, in order to comply with the legislation that governs their business.

If you do need to organise a DBS check, the DBS will provide this free of charge for volunteers. The DBS have licensed a number of ‘umbrella bodies’ to process checks. If your organisation is not an umbrella body, you will have to approach one to carry out checks on your behalf. Although the checks themselves are free, almost all umbrella bodies charge an administrative fee; the amount charged varies between organisations.

We’ve listed below a selection of umbrella bodies that will process DBS checks for volunteers. This list is not intended as a recommendation for any specific organisation. A full list of umbrella bodies can be found here


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