One Off Volunteering Opportunities

On occasions there are one off volunteering opportunities this might include:

  • Garden clearance
  • House clearance
  • Clearing snow
  • Events assistants
  • Crisis response (flood, riots etc.)
  • Fundraising drives

There are 2 ways for you to get involved in one off opportunities:
1. You can complete this short form to join a pool of volunteers. We will then contact you when an opportunity arises that matches your interest
2. You can respond to any one off opportunities that are promoted here

Volunteering opportunity: Community Clean-up Events Keeping Rivers Alive

Organisation: Thames 21

Activity text: River Clean up Cornmill Gardens

Time required: 17.30

Date taking place: 30/04/2015

How to get involved: Join Thames21 and local ‘friends’ groups to celebrate and improve the rivers which run through parks in Lewisham and Greenwich. Get stuck in with other volunteers to clean them up, and find out how local action has helped to champion rivers within communities. For more information please contact: Lawrence Beale-Collins—07584 172209