Step By Step Guide To Volunteering

Step 1: Remember, volunteering is your choice

  • Choose something you like doing, or you want to learn to do. Volunteering is a choice.
  • Choose to give time to with people, an issue, or organisation that you care about or are interested in.
  • Decide how much time you can afford each week – it’s better to start low maybe 3 hours a week and build it up if you want more. Still not sure?

Talk to friends about it. What are you good at?  Talk to someone who volunteers already – what do they do?

Step 2: Finding a volunteer opportunity

Volunteer Centre Lewisham holds the details of many local volunteer opportunities. We can help you at a drop-in session, a one-to-one appointment or by registering with Volunteer Connect through our website. Just call us on 020 8613 7113 or email if you would like to discuss this further or make an appointment.

Please note Volunteer Centre Lewisham does not select or interview volunteers, or check up on you. We provide an information and support service. All appointments are informal and are a chance for you to get a better idea about what voluntary work is available locally. All information provided to Volunteer Centre Lewisham is kept confidential.

We can provide you with the volunteer opportunity details for you to then follow up. It’s best to call the organisation to arrange an appointment and to ensure they are still looking for volunteers. If you do not get an answer do leave a message. If you do not hear back from the organisation within 10 days please let us know and we will help you.

Step 3: Applying to become a Volunteer

Application forms

Most organisations will ask you to complete an application form. This includes information such as your contact details, what you want to do, how long for, etc. Depending on what you want to do, you may also be asked to:

  • Provide references – usually the names of people who can comment about your suitability for voluntary work.
  • Disclose any criminal records. This only occurs if you will be working with children or vulnerable people and, even then, only under certain circumstances. Having a criminal record will not necessarily bar you from working with children or other groups. It is always advisable to be honest about any criminal convictions or cautions that you may have.
  • Show your driving license (if you want to be a driver).


Most organisations will want to have an informal chat. This is for them to find out about you and you to find out about them – ask any questions you need answering. Some organisations will ask you to attend a more detailed interview, so they can place you where your skills, experience or knowledge can be put to best use.


Volunteers need to be trained for some roles, to make sure that the services are consistent. You may be asked to attend a training course – it could be for one afternoon, or a series of evenings. Don’t be put off by the word ‘training’ – it is usually fun, you’ll meet other volunteers and hopefully learn a lot.

Step 4: You’re ready to start

You’ve chosen what you want to do and you have:

  • found a suitable organisation
  • applied, been interviewed and accepted
  • been on a training course

You should expect (as a basic minimum)

  • a clear role description
  • a contact person if you have any problems
  • travel and out of pocket expenses
  • insurance cover for the work you are doing
  • contact with other staff and volunteers
  • recognition and thanks

Finally, it’s worth remembering…Volunteering should be fun and a challenge

  • It builds on existing skills and develops new ones
  • It helps you meet new people

It is hugely rewarding.

  • And finally….have a good time and enjoy it!

Call Lewisham Volunteer Centre on 0208 613 7113 to make an appointment or email and let us help you volunteer. You can also register yourself on Volunteer Connect.


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