Become a Trustee in Lewisham and Make a Difference

Trustees are the group of volunteers who are legally responsible for the governance of a charity.

Charities and community groups all over the country are crying out for Trustees, Directors and Management Committee Members, and Lewisham is no different, we need you to help govern local charities and community groups.
Being a Trustee can be extremely rewarding and there is a bound to be an organisation that you will be interested in providing your knowledge and skills for.

What do you bring to a Board of Trustees?

You may feel a little anxious about whether you have the right skills to be a Trustee.
But it isn’t all legal eagles and professionals that are needed. In order for a Board to be really effective it has to incorporate a range of skills, knowledge and experience.

Look at the lists below. Do you have any of these?

Skills, Experience and Knowledge

Business development
financial management
people skills
report writing
Specific client group e.g. youth, disabled people etc
Understanding neighbourhoods

We have a number of organisations who are looking to recruit Trustees.  If you are interested in finding out more go to our home page and click on Volunteer Connect and then role search.