Why volunteer?
Volunteering can give you many benefits:
• Use your free time in an enjoyable and positive way
• Share your interests, knowledge and experience
• Explore career options or a career change
• Learn new skills, and gain valuable experience for work or further education
• Get involved in your community, and gain a sense of achievement
• Meet new people, and gain references for future jobs.

What can I do?
There is a vast range of volunteering opportunities available now, you can do something with people, in offices, with animals, conservation.

You might want to do administration, befriending, DIY, ship restoration, rugby coach, finance, dog fostering, events, management committees, classroom support amongst a host of other options.

Volunteering takes place in many sectors, obviously charities and community groups, but in addition you may want to think about volunteering with the Police, The Hospital, Schools or Housing Associations. Remember that volunteering must be of benefit to communities, so you should not be volunteering in supermarkets or business, this excludes charity shops as they exist to fund the work of charities.

When you are trying to decide what it is you are going to do, make sure that it is something that you are going to enjoy. please register to see the full list.O

One to One Advice Sessions

Volunteer Centre Lewisham provides outreach services, giving you an opportunity to talk to an experienced advisor about what you want from volunteering.

These sessions are informal and often held in public buildings such as libraries or leisure centres, making it easy for you to get to us.

To attend one of these sessions you would need to call us on 020 8613 7113 and make an appointment.

You will be able to discuss what it is you want from your volunteering, and what interests you whilst we compare your interests to the range of opportunities available.

If you require a confidential one to one meeting please call and speak to a member of staff.

I work full time, can I do voluntary work?
Volunteers are needed at different times of day, and at weekends. Some can even be done from home.
If you would like to meet one of our advisors call us on 020 8613 7113.
Please register and you can then search the database to find you some suitable opportunities.